My BCSE Journey

The first time when I heard about NAVLE was in the start of my third year. It was December of 2017. I thought about it, figured might as well give it. I didn't do any research myself on it later and I just ignored it after few weeks. I went to the Thailand right after the completion of my third year for my externship. At that time, I was planning to move to Malaysia or Thailand after completing my studies because I fell in love with Thailand after spending more than two months over there during summers 2018. (I will talk about this externship thing later in other blog).

Moreover, the culture in Veterinary Universities in Pakistan regarding NAVLE is not a very good one due to less awareness about the exams. At the end of fourth year I don't remember how but I made my mind to take this exam. I shared this with one of my senior who was also working as a Teaching Assistant in Clinical medicine at that time. He told me that two of his class fellows are preparing for the BCSE and they are going to take BCSE in July, 2019 and he will ask them for me so that I can go to them and clear all the queries I have with regards to preparation. It was May of 2019 just a week before Final Examination of 8th semester. After the viva of clinical medicine he gave me their contact numbers and ask me to contact them. I met them on the day of my final exam and ask whatever queries I had. I took my IELTS right after it.

I wasn't a topper or book worm during my university so along with my 9th semester studies I read the physiology and cleared my concepts. I got a lot of snide comments regarding 'Big American vet agya hay' and 'Huge vet agya ha'. If you get those, just ignore them. Most of these will be from your friends. Moving on, I would not bore you with what I studied or not, as I have already given guides for BCSE on this website. I always tried to study systematically as BCSE questions test you that way. One should always pick a system, study its physiology, pathology, and pharmacology to get a whole idea. Another thing I did to study during college was studying during lectures. Our lecture system is obsolete, and everyone goes in for attendance. I would just take my cunningham and merck manuel with me and try to study during lectures and in library. You might get disturbed, but this is a habit you have to make. This does not mean I was studying all the time, I would say at max 7-8 hours a day, but I would also rest my brain play soccer and making youtube videos , etc.

After that we took the exam of 9th semester and I bought Zuku Review in February during my internship and my target was to take the exam at the end of July but COVID had some different plans. Long story short I got the date of 15th of September, 2020 at Prometric center located in FC college and I passed. One tip for giving BCSE in the final year is to fix a date in your mind and start preparing accordingly, not the other way around like picking up books and thinking when I am ready; then, I will give the exam. People waste years due to this mistake and same goes for any other exam you want to take. Now I am preparing for the next step which is NAVLE and hopefully will take this exam in April 2021 and running my private small animal practice as well. During the start of my BCSE journey I used to tell my close friends that I want to be the youngest Veterinarian to pass this ECFVG certification and NAVLE In sha Allah (which I am on my way to) . Give your best and Allah will help you. You don’t need bunch of people to believe in you, if you have one sincere friend (which in my case is my fiancé), your parents support and right guidance (thank you Mustafa bhai) you are good to go. But what is more important than all of it is to have SELF CONFIDENCE, positive attitude and humbleness. You are here to make your effort, the reward is promised by God. Best of luck peeps!

Total cost until now: 2k USD

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