After passing the BCSE you are eligible to take NAVLE. NAVLE is the main licensure exam and after the successful completion of this exam you will get the licensure to practice veterinary medicine in North America (US/Canada).

The North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) is administered by the International Council for Veterinary Assessment (ICVA) since 2000. NAVLE is a requirement for licensure to practice veterinary medicine in all licensing jurisdictions in the US and Canada. Even the graduates from CVMA/AVMA-Accredited veterinary schools also take this exam in order to practice veterinary medicine in the US and Canada. The NAVLE consists of 360 clinically relevant multiple-choice questions. You can take this exam in your home countries as well at Prometric centers.

How this exam works:

In general, the NAVLE is around 7.5 hours long. These 8 hours are 6.5 hours of exam time, 45 minutes of the break with a free 15 minutes of the tutorial, which everyone skips so you get 1 hour of break time more or less. The exam is divided into six 65-minute blocks and administered in one 8-hour testing session. The number of questions per block on a given examination form will be 60. The total number of questions on the overall examination will be 360. 

Once the block starts, you cannot pause it; you have to do all the questions in that block in an hour. After the block ends, you can take a break. The break is total up to you; you can utilize the whole break time in one go or divide it as needed.


  • Merck Veterinary Manual

  • Youtube

  • Google

  • Top 20 for NAVLE by ZUKU

  • Your brain

  • ZUKU REVIEW or VET PREP: 6 months premium subscription is the best tool. You can buy any of these software for a specific, timely subscription, and do questions, read explanations. I Always buy it online. Do not be a cheap ass and be downloading that old ass pdf copies. Why Buy? because they keep updating it. All its questions are base on researches. So if new research comes up, they change the answer and keep on adding more recent items. I would say you buy six months even if you want it for 3 months because it comes with a reset option. Do zuku/vet prep first time specie wise (canine, feline, equine, etc.), study mode( you will know what I am talking about after you buy). Do the block first, finish it, then read the explanations, highlight the important stuff on the software. After completing the study mode start the test mode 1 month before your exam date.

The pattern of study:

Months 1:

Top 20 for NAVLE by ZUKU REVIEW .

Months 2-5:

Vet Prep or Zuku Review's study mode

Month 6:

Vet Prep or Zuku Review's Test mode

Final revision and exam

Official Website of ICVA:


This exam isn't as simple or easy as BCSE. After passing this exam you will get restricted license and can practice in US or Canada under the supervision of a senior veterinarian.